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Sportsdirect Recruitment General Knowledge Sports

Find out what a sports business values, which features they highlight on their site, and incorporate those into your response. When interviewing for a position with Sports Direct, you will want to make sure to refresh your knowledge about the company and its history.

This question may help the interviewer to see how you will apply your skills in customer service to the benefit of Sports Direct. This question can also allow you to demonstrate you did a bit of research about Sports Direct prior to applying for the position. Of course, the interview is about more than just questions, but your body language and your physical appearance.

You want to demonstrate you are enthusiastic about sports, but you also understand what Sport Direct does. Sports Direct wants to ensure you are good at working well with others, particularly in terms of the companys culture of teamwork. Of course, you can always share your personal interests too — perhaps you have a nostalgic story about the sports company, you like its products or services — that shows passion.

Last week, Sports Directs said that they were going to release a Independent Report into the working practices compiled by their lawyers, RPC. Sports Direct has been under pressure to overhaul Sport Directs working practices and company management, with sales and share prices suffering after damning revelations of its treatment of workers in stores and warehouses. A coalition of trade unions has set out several complaints about company chairman Keith Hellawell, who remains Sports Directs chief executive, including that he has failed to address poor working practices, such as extensive use of zero-hours contracts, and that board meetings are being held with key members absent.

TUSO also noted that, as chair of the boards appointment committee, Hellawell failed to deliver on a Davis Review target for 25% of the boards membership to be female. The new rules meant the firms chair, Keith Hellawell, must now court their support, instead of relying on Ashley, the founder of Sports Direct, who holds 55 per cent.

While the press has had a field day with these allegations (and for many of us, the working conditions quoted seem unjust), had Sports Direct followed procedures properly, interacted properly with Sport Direct employees, had documented evidence, and had sound recruitment policies, they would probably be operating within the law (apart from failing to pay employees for the 15 minutes the research took). A culture of fear has definitely motivated the staff at Sports Direct to show up at work; some while sick; some while pregnant; because they are afraid they will lose their jobs.



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