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Winter Sports For Kids | satriasports

Our Winter Sports List For Kids And Families features ten activities that we tried and loved with our own kids of different ages. Here are 31 ideas for kids winter activities to stay busy with throughout the month – and this includes outdoor ideas as well as indoor ideas. It is a mix of snow play, art activities, crafts, building, and, of course, a winter reading list for kids.

It is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means time for sledding, ice skating, building snowmen, hot cocoa, and maybe a little bit more indoor activities than normal. Introduction (c)Vladone – iStock/Getty Images People living in regions with cold, snowy winters have long enjoyed winter sports like ice skating, skiing, and sledding. Winter sports are very much fun – just ask any child who is just scored a winning goal in ice hockey, or finished sliding down the bottom of a huge hill.

I personally think kids generally like hiking in winter better than summer because you get to knock down snowy trees onto each other, you get to take sleds, and every hill turns into ice slides. Winter scavenger hunts are especially fun for kids because there is so much to see and explore outdoors, with no leaves on trees. It is a lot more violent for fans and families than for your kids, but it is a good way to get good, quality outdoor time during the winter months, as well as get lots of exercise.

Winter Sports For Kids

Skiing is another sport that you can enjoy until you are older, and one that a lot of kids and young adults might find fun as a way to get outdoors in the winters, starting at a younger age. Velo-skiing is one of the best winter-season activities to pursue if you have family members that have not learned how to ski yet, or are unable to participate in higher-impact sports. Snowshoeing is ideal for kids who like being outside, and parents who do not want to put their kids into regular activities.

The ice-fast movement sports are ideal for kids interested in trying out new activities, which teaches kids teamwork and never giving up in the first place. According to USAhockey, nothing builds confidence and helps kids to stand on their two feet like hockey. It is important that kids wear safety equipment such as helmets and knee guards when they skate.

Although it may sound weird during the winter, remember to put on sunscreen when skiing, sledding, skating, or snowboarding (with the lowest SPF of 15). Try an indoor activity on a snowy day, and try exploring a white winter wonderland outside on a better day. While climbing on the ice probably will not be a regular winter activity that you do yourself, it is still fun to try out new activities and step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

You do not need skills to get involved; sometimes just the feeling of adventure is all that is needed to experience these experiences and games in winter sports, both outdoors and inside.



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